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The Benefits of a Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Benefits of a Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Benefits of a Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine By Cesar Mesquita

A Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo machine provides versatility at your fingertips

After getting curious about direct drive tattoo machines and also at the same time getting requests from colleagues and friends to develop my own, I did just that. Here’s my direct drive story.…

I began with the direct drive as the principles were simple. But with the many other direct drive tattoo machines on the market, I had it in my mind to do something a little different. I wanted to keep in mind the old school look and bases. I also wanted something with extremely clean lines that combined both design and functionality.

After a lot of research and development, I came up with a frame which was CNC Machined from a solid high-quality aircraft grade aluminium block. This provided a perfectly solid, light-weight material. I settled on the Maxon Swiss motor. This motor is basically the heart of any good rotary tattoo machine. To get the performance I was after though, I needed something a bit special. I wanted a lower voltage motor with extreme torque capability. So, I sent a special request to Maxon for our motor configurations. After testing and development, everything came together perfectly.

My direct drive rotary tattoo machine is capable of running either a normal standard needle setup with stainless steel tubes or disposable tubes and cartridge needles setup.

As I see it, the advantages of a direct drive tattoo machine are:

  • Being lightweight in a solid, compact product
  • Having a low vibration motor capable of delivering high torque power
  • Looking stylish and clean
  • Complete versatility

I’m always keen to try out different tools and new tattoo products, such as our revolutionary carbon fibre disposable tubes, making it easy to achieve precision tattooing. Carbon fibre is 35% lighter, 200 times stiffer and 2000 times stronger than aluminium, which means less vibration through the machine, so cleaner lines and healthier wrists. Check out our full range of tattoo supplies here.

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