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Disposable tattoo tubes: a revolution

disposable tattoo tubes carbon fibre

Disposable tattoo tubes: a revolution

A revolution in disposable tattoo tubes By Cesar Mesquita

Disposable tattoo tubes: the problem is cheap plastic

What’s the Problem with Disposable Tattoo Tubes?

Most disposable tattoo tubes available on the tattoo supplies market are all made from one simple piece of cheap plastic.

My colleagues, friends and I were always complaining that these tubes were nearly impossible to work with, bringing all kinds of issues like;

  • Bending or flexing of the back stem or the whole tube itself while tattooing.
  • Lack of absorption of vibration, making the machine work harder and increasing voltage needed in order to work properly. This leads to increased heat from overworking the machine unnecessarily.
  • Loss of precision due to the soft, bendy nature of the plastic material.
  • The collapse of the tattoo machine’s vice/clamp

So, I decided to do something about it.

What’s the Solution for Disposable Tattoo Tubes?

I was so frustrated, as I could never achieve the results that I really wanted whilst using plastic disposable tattoo grips. I knew I had to find a solution.

It took an intense year of research, but I eventually found the answer within the medical industry; surgical instruments, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Aluminium has been used but it comes at a premium cost and presents issues when it comes to maintenance, sterilisation, weight and of course recycling (we like to be as environmentally friendly as possible at Black N Gold).

I discovered that carbon fibre provided the material properties I needed. Taking the same thickness as standard 316l metal tattoo tubes, it provides:

  • 31% more rigidity than aluminium
  • Weighs 50% less
  • Provides a staggering 60% more strength

Carbon fibre is the top, go to material for rigidity and strength in surgical and medical instruments, aerospace industries and the automotive and motor racing industry. This is why I like to call our product the Lamborghini of disposable tattoo tubes.

Having decided on the positive aspects of carbon fibre we engaged in an extensive development programme of prototyping, process, and testing.

What’s the Result?

We have developed a unique product for the tattooing market and are pleased to present our 3K carbon fibre disposable tattoo tube, so you can forget about all those cheap plastic tube issues. But we didn’t stop there!

We went a step further and improved disposable tattoo grips for better control and comfort. We have developed our disposable tattoo grips cover mould/design to provide a stunning grip with thumb control groove. We use a silicon and rubber mix composite material. This provides great precision when coupled with high visibility, clear hard quality plastic tips, and precise needle sizes.

You get all the confidence of using metal tubes but with the amazing advantage of being disposable single use. Also, if you travel a lot you can take less weight without compromising the precision or comfort of your work.

Don’t Take our Word for it…

The ‘proof is in the tattooing’ so to speak, try for yourself and order your Carbon Fibre Disposable Tattoo Tubes today and see the benefits first hand. We’d love to hear how you get on with them.

Worldwide shipping available.


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